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Baker Machinery

Baker Products is one of the leading manufacturers of band resaws in the wood industry. Established in 1979, this company grew to over 100 employees and has a global customer base. In addition to resaws, they offer notchers, stacking racks, dedusters, conveyors, and chamfering machines. Their newest innovation is the board stacker. The machine automatically aligns and places crossouts into stacks. In honor of their new product, they’re giving away an ABX Band Resaw, knives, hats, and other gifts!

Baker Products’ vision is to make bandsaws more efficient, with better material utilization. With the help of a dedicated team of qualified employees, advanced manufacturing technology, and creative solutions, Baker Products is working to achieve this goal.

The Baker team is committed to the safety of its staff and their equipment. This baker machinery is emphasized through their participation in the federal OSHA Safety and Health Recognition Program. They also provide their employees with open book management, so all financials are accessible to all staff. They even have a tech support center for employees to go to for answers to their questions.

Baker Products is a leader in the industry with a wide variety of innovative machinery, from single-cut resaws to a horizontal band resaw. They’ve been at the forefront of the bandsaw business for over 20 years and continue to lead the way. They also boast the latest technology in CNC press-break machinery and laser-cut machinery.

The Baker M6 Sidewinder DeDuster is faster and more efficient than the Baker M4. The M6 feeds boards side-to-side instead of down the middle. This deduster increases efficiency by almost ninety percent. It also features a unique wood flow design, compared to the Baker M4. This model is hopper-fed, and the boards come out of the resaw with eight or more heads.

Baker’s hydraulics are a key component in the success of their resaws. The company’s use of steel tube materials for the frame and hydraulics has been proven to improve their resaws over the years.

They also have a service center that provides quick and reliable parts and service. With a large warehouse, Baker offers a centralized location for parts storage. In addition, Baker’s team of employees meet regularly to discuss finances and plan future projects.

Baker’s history is a testament to the strength of its leadership team. It was founded by Ed Baker, who is now retired. He started the company as a single man shop in 1979. He built the company and led it through a major growth stage. Eventually, Ed Baker handed the helm over to his son Mike. Since then, Mike has focused on cutting costs while still maintaining sales. Currently, the Baker family works together as a cohesive unit to keep the company a strong leader in the band saw market.

As the new CEO, Mike has aimed to maintain sales and focus on saving money. He has been able to do this with the help of his great team and a willingness to listen to his customers.