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Delsey offers a variety of features and innovations

Founded in 1946, Delsey Paris is a luggage manufacturer that manufactures hardside suitcases. They are a top European brand and are renowned for their quality luggage.

Delsey offers a variety of features and innovations that make their bags stand out from other luggage brands. They also offer a variety of durable materials that are made to last for years.

Anti-theft zippers are another feature that Delsey luggage offers on their products. They use patented Securitech zippers that are 2.5x stronger than regular zippers, which makes them much harder for thieves to break through.

The zippers on delsey luggage reviews are also able to be locked down with the use of TSA combination locks, which helps you keep your luggage safe while traveling. This is a great added security feature that you should consider when looking for a new suitcase.

Double spinner wheels are also a feature that Delsey luggage offers, and they help their carry-ons roll smoothly. These wheels have soft and padded handles that help to reduce hand strain during transportation.

Expandable interiors are also available on most Delsey luggage collections, making it easy to pack for longer trips. These features allow you to add more space to your suitcase, and most of the expandable luggage also come with soft and padded handles that are comfortable for lifting.

Depending on the collection, you can find suitcases with expandable interiors that extend up to one or two inches. This allows you to fit more clothes into your case and ensure that everything stays organized when you’re on the road.

Delsey luggage also has a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from. They are a popular choice for travelers who are on a budget and want a high-quality bag that will not break their bank.

While they are not as well-known in the United States as some other brands, Delsey suitcases are still a reliable option for those who want a great value. These suitcases are durable, easy to clean, and are very spacious.

If you are looking for a luggage set that comes with a backpack, check out the Chatelet carry-on from Delsey. It’s lightweight and has a good amount of packing space, plus it comes with an integrated TSA lock that can be used to secure the bag while you travel.

It’s also got a recessed handle system that lifts up to fit your hand under it, but then moves back down once you’re done packing. This handle system is also incredibly strong and can hold up to the weight of your packed items.

The Aero is the best-selling softside suitcase from Delsey, and it’s easy to see why. It has all the essentials you need for a trip, like TSA-approved combination locks, an expandable zipper, and double spinner wheels. It’s also affordable, and you can find it for under $100 at some online retailers.