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Motorcycle Handle Kits

You’ve probably seen pictures of high-performance motorcycles blazing through race tracks and have marveled at the crouched riding position that gives them superior handling. Motorcycle handle kits like clip-on bars and rear sets help achieve this riding position on a more mass-market level by offering a more aggressive, focused stance.

Porteur handlebars form a curved W shape that offers multiple hand positions for riders in a comfortable upright cycling position. These bars usually have brakes fitted on the front of either peak, where they get their name from (much like the wings of a small condor). These bars aren’t often found on bikes anymore but can be purchased from a specialist online shop or even some classic penny-farthing bikes!

The ape hanger handlebar is a more extreme style that allows riders to be more aerodynamic and in a tucked cycling position. These handlebars feature an excessive amount of rise and can be a bit awkward to ride in for beginners but can be a great choice for more experienced riders looking to take advantage of the aerodynamic advantages that come with this riding position.

Flexx Handlebars dramatically motorcycle handle kits reduce vibration and impact on a rider’s hands, providing a more comfortable day of riding for any level of rider. They use a special bushing in the pivot pin to isolate the handlebar from metal-to-metal contact. This results in less vibration, subdued impacts, and improved ergonomics, allowing the rider to focus on their riding and improve their performance.

MAKO 360 is a revolutionary handlebar mount that uses engineered polymers to eliminate any “metal-to-metal” contact on the bar. This significantly reduces vibration for riders and increases their comfort, allowing them to stay on the bike longer and ride with more energy. MAKO is popular with Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster Energy athletes and weekend warriors around the world.