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Choosing Quality Customized Curtains & Blinds

The right custom curtains and draperies can bring dramatic flair and a touch of luxury to your living space. They can also provide privacy and insulation. Custom window treatments also allow for endless possibilities when it comes to fabric and color, coordinating well with a variety of other window treatment styles and hardware.

Whether you want to add softness to an open-concept living space or to warm up and cozy up a family room, the right custom drapes can make a big difference. They are a must-have for any modern home.


With endless fabric, liner and hem options, quality best blinds & shades store customized drapes can elevate any room’s look. Choose from light fabrics for a breezy feel or heavy, sophisticated woven jacquards in rich colors and trending textures. They are available in hundreds of fabric finishes from sturdy cotton canvas to sheens and embossed satins, and can be paired with a wide variety of roman, sheer, roller, solar and cellular blinds and shades for even more design flexibility and enhanced light control.

Drapes are a great compliment to other types of window treatments, and can be crafted in a variety of widths and lengths to reach just above the floor or stop at the windowsill for a more open feeling. Unlike curtains, drapes are made with high-quality double-layered fabrics for a heavier and more dramatic look and they can be weighted to hold their shape with minimal movement in breezes.

The most important consideration for choosing the right custom drapes for your space is deciding on the heading style you would like. Elaborate styles such as pleats and swags look apt for formal and detail-heavy decor styles while simpler options such as flat panel tops are a smart choice for minimalistic designs. Some drapery styles such as euro pinch pleats offer an intermediary option that sits between the two, allowing you to showcase your personal style.

Other factors to consider are how much light you need to filter into your room and if you want the drapes to be insulated for warmth. For light control, consider layering your drapes with a light blocking lining and blackout liners to ensure your windows are covered at all times. If you need extra warmth, a heavier drapery can be layered with an insulating or thermal backing to help keep your home comfortable year-round.

Another key benefit of getting custom drapes is that they are crafted to your specific window size and shape, providing superior fit and comfort. This is an essential feature to look for when comparing insulated and non-insulated off-the-shelf curtain options – if you don’t have a good fit, they can easily hang crooked and not create the effect you desire for your home. The same goes for coordinating hardware and trim, which can also be custom-made with your drapery order. This is an easy way to make your custom window coverings really stand out.