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Finding the Best Option Alert Service

One of the most important things a trader should remember is to keep an eye on their risk profile. Options are considered a risky investment. This means that traders should always be aware of their risk and be careful not to put too much of their portfolio into any single trade. With this in mind, finding the best option alert service can be a key part of your trading strategy.

Bullseye Trades

Bullseye Trades is an option alert service that provides subscribers with a single trade idea each week. The system requires no experience or knowledge to use, so you can get started right away. In addition to daily and weekly email alerts, Bullseye trades also provides educational guidelines that you can apply to your own trading strategy. Bullseye Trades offers two different subscription packages – a one-year subscription and a monthly subscription.

The service also offers a free e-book on options¬†https://storage.googleapis.com/best-option-alert-service/index.html trading. It is written by Jeff Bishop, a proven teacher who authored Option Profit Accelerator. This book explains the basics of options trading, as well as Bishop’s trading strategies.

Market Chameleon

Market Chameleon offers unique stock research and trading ideas. Its tools include event-driven stock screeners, threshold lists, dividend updates, and the ability to backtest 18 options trading strategies. This service also has a handy earnings calendar that allows users to monitor volatility around earnings releases. You can try out the service for free for 7 days or sign up for a paid plan for $39 per month.

If you’re a veteran trader looking for a comprehensive option alert service, Market Chameleon is the best choice. This platform includes a wide range of tools for both active traders and beginners. Its premium options screeners are particularly useful for those who have experience trading options and are risk tolerant. While the screeners aren’t always easy to interpret, they’re extremely useful for option strategies based around earnings releases.

Daily Strike

In the world of stock market trading, one of the best options alert services is Daily Strike. This service features one trading idea a day and gives subscribers access to an archive of previous trades. It is a valuable tool for investors who struggle to scan the market every day to look for trade opportunities. It alerts subscribers to a trade idea before the market opens and provides detailed information about the trade.

There are numerous options alert services on the Internet, which is why it’s often hard to choose the best one. Some have more features than others, and some charge a membership fee. However, you can find some excellent ones for as little as $35 per month. For example, Benzinga offers a free version, but the paid version includes a unique unusual options activity scanner that can alert you to large block trades and options sweeps. Another premium service, Multiple Option Scanners, charges $75 per month, but has browser push alerts and other features.


SteadyOptions is a unique option alert service that helps subscribers trade options effectively. In addition to offering recommendations for trades, the service also provides advice on financial management and risk management. SteadyOptions has three different strategies for its subscribers to choose from, based on their risk profiles and target returns. Users can also access a blog and a community forum to get tips and tricks from the pros.

While options alert services can be extremely beneficial for aspiring traders, the best ones are the ones that align with your own trading style and strategy. The right option alert service will also help you find profitable trades based on their proven strategies.