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Gym Equipment Relocations UK

Gym equipment relocations uk involve moving and transporting fitness equipment from one place to another. It is often a complex task and must be done correctly to prevent damage during the move. It is important to hire professional removalists who have experience in moving this type of equipment. They are skilled in manual handling and also know how to disassemble and reassemble gym equipment safely. This reduces the risk of injury to employees and customers during the move.

The first step in the process is to disassemble or pack up any equipment that can’t be moved as a whole. This can include large weights, benches and racks as well as smaller items like accessories. Then they will wrap or pad everything in blankets and bubble wrap to protect it during transit. The next step is to load the equipment into a truck, trailer or ute tray. They may need to use trolleys for bigger or heavier items. Once the load is secure, they will cover it with a tarp to keep the equipment protected from rain.

They then drive the equipment to its new location. If the new gym isn’t finished yet, they will store it in modular storage. This is a shipping container or similar, where the entire gym will be packed up in it and left there temporarily until the gym is ready to open. This is a good option for commercial gyms that are being built or need to close down temporarily for construction or other reasons.

After the gym equipment has been unloaded, they will check where they want it located at its new home. Then they will help reassemble any equipment that was flat packed or disassembled for the move. They will also wipe down the equipment to remove any dust or marks from the move. This will make the equipment ready to use straight away when it arrives at its new home.

There are many reasons why gym equipment needs to be relocated. It could be a change of location, an expansion of the facility, or a repair to the machines. When this happens, it is a big job that requires a team of specialists to get the job done. Whether you have a small gym in your home, or a large health club, FitKit can help with all of your equipment relocations. We work with some of the biggest gym chains in the country including David Lloyds, DW Sports, Pure Gym, and Nuffield Health carrying out all manners of equipment installs, extractions and relocations for them. Our prices are competitive, and we work all year round to give you the best service possible.