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Telehandler Courses From Lonestar Forklift

A telehandler is a powerful piece of construction equipment used to reach difficult-to-reach places that are inaccessible by other means. It can be dangerous for workers to operate without proper training, so it’s important that workers take a telehandler course to gain the knowledge and skills needed to safely use this type of equipment.

There are two types of telehandler courses that workers can take to become qualified to drive and operate this type of equipment. The first is a CPCS telehandler training course, which is typically offered by Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)-registered companies and can be taken by both employees and private individuals. The other is a NPORS course, which is primarily offered by plant and machinery training providers that are not registered with CITB. Both courses lead to the CPCS Red Trained Operator card, which is valid for two years.

The CPCS telehandler course is designed to give operators the knowledge and practical skills they need to work safely with this type of equipment. The course covers everything from basic machine operation to how to carry and lift loads. The course also covers safety and maintenance issues. In addition to learning how to operate the equipment, the course teaches workers about stability principles like balance, leverage, dynamic conditions, and load charts.

The course can be completed in just a few hours, so it’s a convenient option for employees who want to get trained quickly and easily. Workers can complete the course at their own pace, taking breaks between lessons as needed. The course also includes quiz questions to help them prepare for the final exam. Once they pass the online exam, they can instantly download a safety certification wallet card for their records.

Those who successfully complete the telehandler course will receive the CPCS Red Trained Operator card, valid for two years. This card confirms that the worker has the required knowledge and skills to operate a telehandler safely on a construction site.

In addition to providing a comprehensive telehandler training course, Lonestar Forklift offers a robust platform that allows managers and trainers to track their workers’ progress through the program. This streamlined platform provides easy access to training records, telehandler certificates, observation guides, and other key features.

This eLearning course dives into the telehandler machine components and site inspection protocols, which fall under the OSHA and ANSI equipment safety standards. It also covers specialized topics such as telehandler stability, walk-around inspections, function tests, and load charts. The course also outlines legal operation requirements, which include operator manuals and telehandler operating procedures.

Whether you’re a new telehandler operator or an experienced one, this eLearning course will give you the tools and confidence to perform your job safely and correctly. With this online course, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional telehandler operator!