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Private Dentist Based in Coventry

Located in Cheylesmore on the outskirts of Coventry, this modern and welcoming dental practice offers a full range of customer focused Dental services. This includes the surgical placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth, crowns and bridges to repair damaged or decaying teeth, take home tray based teeth whitening, boutique tooth whitening treatments and permanent dentures for those with severe damage to their natural teeth. In addition to this the practice can treat gum disease, offer sedation dentistry for nervous patients and referrals are provided for endodontic and orthodontic treatments.

Dr Eric George DMD is a private dentist based in Coventry with over 39 years of experience in dentistry and has established himself as an excellent practitioner who is committed to his patients’ care. He combines this with a friendly and relaxed approach to make his patients feel at ease. The clinic has a children’s corner to help children feel comfortable when visiting the dentist.

This clinic is a provider of the fast brace advanced American straight teeth aligner system, which can help to dramatically reduce treatment times for those who require orthodontic treatment. They also provide a number of other dental treatments, including fillings and dental implants.

During your most memorable visit, the dental group will take impressions of your teeth so they can create custom clear plastic plate for your at-home brightening treatment. The plate are loaded up with the brightening gel, and you are told to wear them at normal stretches more than two to four weeks for 30 minutes to an hour for each meeting. Many brightening items incorporate light enactment to accelerate or upgrade the outcomes, and your dental specialist will prompt you on the best technique for your particular requirements.

While the brightening treatment is finished, your dental specialist will survey your outcomes with you. They will utilize a shade manual for contrast your ongoing tooth tone with the ideal outcome and examine whether you’ll require follow-up treatment, like facade or holding materials, to accomplish a totally white grin.